NRP SYSTEM established in 2007 in Republic of Korea has been focused on developing and distributing 
Fleet Management System, LBS, RFID, Communication Solution and IoT Platform for last decades at its own R&D
centers in South Korea & India.

We are expanding our advanced services to all over the world and looking for partners to win in this market togeth

Please be our story teller to make marketing strategy in IoT, Telco and SmartCity business.


Message From
the Founder and CEO

In 2016, we substantially strengthen our market position as a leading Information Communications Technology Company.
Advancing forward to branch out around the global market, the year of 2016 shall be a new milestone on our journey.

The Company Profile provides you with a brief overview and description of NRP SYSTEM's key business and its performance,
and an update on our strategic direction.

Mobile, IOT, FMS, RFID, GPS, LBS and Control System are our major business and technology fields to which our company is dedicated and we have
ardent confidence that these new business fields shall accelerate the speed of technology development.

As a technology-focused company, NRP SYSTEM shall be your strong and trustworthy partner based on sustainable development.

We deeply appreciate all of our partners, clients, shareholders for giving us their unwavering trust and we sincerely wish all of you every success.

Young Kee Kim

Founder & CEO


  • Expansion

      • Electronic Tax Invoice
        Certification of Standards
      • R&D center set up in Korea
      • Vehicle GPS Equipment
        Certificate of Conformity
      • Location Information
        Business License
      • Certificate of Vehicle Terminal
        (ISO9001 : 2008)
      • Business Advance : Smart Car
      • Certificate of Technology Innovation Company :
      • Establishment of
        Enterprise Institute
      • Certificate of Venture Company
      • Certificate of Smartphone Docking
        Equipment for Vehicle Terminal
        (ISO9001 : 2008)
      • A trademark rights regarding with RIMETALK issued (No. 4020140019331)
      • A trademark rights regarding with RIMEKIT issued (No. 4020140058237)
      • Joined the Global Smartcity Association
      • R&D center set up in India
  • 2007

    • Enterprise
    • Distribution
    • Transportation
    • Communication
    • IOT
  • Developments

      • - ERP connected Distribution Verification Service
      • - IT Total Service
      • - Vehicle Management Solution based on LBS
      • - Mobile Control System Solution
      • - Distribution Solution for PDA
      • - KT'Olleh Smart Car' Service
      • - BC Card 'Eco Driving' Service
      • - Dongbu Insurance 'Smart&Care' Service
      • - LGU+ real-time DTG Platform
        Real-time Vehicle Management Service
      • - Launching High-End FMS
      • - Launching of RimeTalk B
      • - Launching of RimeTalk C
      • - Launching of RimeToP
      • - Total IoT Platform


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Board of Directors
  • Chief Audit Executive
    • Enterprise
    • IoT
    • Transportation
    • Wellness
    • SNS
  • Technology Development
    T&D Team1
    T&D Team2
    T&D Team3
    T&D Team4
    T&D Team5
  • Research & Development
    R&D Team1
    R&D Team2
    R&D Team3
    R&D Team4
    R&D Team5
  • Research & Development
    R&D Team
  • Marketing & Sales
    M&S Team1
    M&S Team2
  • Hardware & Quality Control
    H&QC Team1
    H&QC Team2
    H&QC Team3
    H&QC Team4
    H&QC Team5
  • SI

  • Business Support

Lines of Business

  • RimeTrans
    Integrated Solution for Distribution
  • RimeTalk ®
    RimeTalk B, Walkie Talkie(Push to Talk) Solution with HandSet for B2B & B2G
    RimeTalk C, Mobile Instant Messenger for B2C
  • RimeTop
    Total IoT Platform
    Smart Home, Building and City
  • RimeWellness
    Smart Wellness Solution
    Wellness ICT
    Academic&Technical Research
  • Other Products
    Smart City
    Smart Building
  • RimeCar
    Control and tracking
    solution for Vehicle
    Smart Car Infortainment System
    Fleet Management System with High End Technology

Lines of Business _ RimeTalk B Walkie-Talkie Solution with Barcode Scanner & High Decibel HandSet

  • No Overhearing
  • HandSet with
    Barcode Scanner
  • Powerful Decibel
    thru HandSetl
  • Tracking Device
  • No Distance Limit
  • Sending Voice, Video,Text,
    Image and My Location
    in Real Time
  • Easy To Carry
    & Handy
  • Disseminating to
    Unlimited Number of
    Users at one time
  • Lower Initial
    Introduction Cost
RIME TALK - Clarity of tone. Clarity of message. Direct interaction.
  • Voice in
    Real Time
  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • PC Version
  • Admin Page
  • My
  • Barcode canner
  • High Decibel
  • Disseminating urgent and important order/information immediately by just one touch
    as Voice, Text, Image and Video via network such as GSM, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and 5G.
  • RimeKit with High decibel suitable for Noisy Environment such as Airport.
  • All of Voice, Text, Image and Video Message Replay and Review is available on App.
  • 1D Barcode Scanner on RimeKit.
  • 50,000 users connection at one time for 1 set of server.
  • DashBoard(Admin Page) to track users’ location and manage users accounting and history.

Where to Adopt Military, Police, Fire Station / Hospital / Industrial Sites / Logistic Company / Shopping Mall and Large Grocery Market / Warehouse / Security / Biking Club, Driving Club,
Motorcycle Club and etc.

Lines of Business _ RimeTalk C Mobile Instant Messenger with Sending Voice in Real Time

  • Game
  • Mobile Payment
  • Mobile Shopping
  • Game Item
  • Advertising
  • SNS
  • RimeTalk
  • RimeMusic
  • RimeAlbum
  • RimeTopic
  • RimeStyle
  • RimePage
  • RimeSociety
  • RimeGame
  • RimeCap
  • RimeJob
  • Mobile Instant Messenger Platform with various kinds of contents
  • Voice Transmitting in Real Time faster than text message
  • Simple and Easy Connecting via Real Time Voice with Family and Friends who are not
    familiar with text messaging
  • Group Chatting, Sending Text, Image, Video and My Location for emergency
  • Great Scalability as Android Platform

Where to Adopt Telco / Medium and Small Enterprise for internal use / Small Distribution Company and etc.

Lines of Business _ RimeToP

  • Safety
    Intelligent CCTV
    Controlling Smart Home & Building
    Emergency Move
  • Amusement
    Instant Messenger & SNS
    AOD & VOD
    Managing Family Photo
  • Health
    Checking Diabetes
    Checking Blood Pressure
    Coaching Weight Training
  • Economy
    Managing Assets
    (Stock, Insurance, Real Estate)
    Mobile Banking
    Smart Billing
  • Great Scalibility of Contents
  • Various Practical Use via Bluetooth
  • Easy to link Sensors
  • Full HD High Resolution & 178˚ Wide Viewing Angle
  • Competitive Price and Cost Saving
  • LCD Monitor Size Extendable from 24”~55”
  • Ultra Light 8kg. Ultra Slim 4cm
  • Smart IoT Platform by NRP's Own Technology(PATENT PENDING)

Where to Adopt Telco / Bus Stop, Subway, Airport / Shopping Mall / Stadium / School, Library / Financial Institute / Government Agency / Police and Military and etc.

Lines of Business _ RimeCar Fleet Management System with Enhancement Technology

  • After Accident Management
    Auto Disaster Alert immediately from accident vehicle to Operation Center.
    Two-Way Communication in real time for Driver and Operating Center(Police, Fire Station, Logistic Company and etc)
    Analyzing Pattern right after accident.
    Checking status of road casualties and vehicle in real time.
    Sharing information of the status with Emergency center.
  • Driving Operation Management
    Checking & Managing of driver’s driving behavior and info.
    Verifying stolen or general vehicle’s location and path.
    Remote Diagnostic and Control of vehicle.
    Checking, Making a Diagnosis and sharing info of vehicle failure status.
  • Purchase Management
    Forwarding and Sharing history of purchase and lease of vehicle.
    Supporting purchase, lease and scraping service.

Where to Adopt Government (Police, Military, Disaster Department) / Logistic Company / Retail Industry / Rental Car Service / Corporations own many vechicles to take care / School and etc.

Lines of Business _ RimeTrans Efficient Distribution Solution for Logistics Company

  • Total Information System for Logistic Company Developing and Offering H/W,
    S/W, N/W related with managing Taking over cargo, Arranging trucks,
    Controlling, Balancing Accounts by PDA, Mobile Phone, GPS and MDT.
  • Improving Picking and Packing
  • Interworking with the other distribution system and ERP efficiently
  • Maximizing of storage space
  • Offering Data Processing Infra for ordering, arranging, controlling,
    balancing accounts via task and reporting by wireless internet of PDA, Mobile.
  • Accurate Operation on First-in and First-out

Where to Adopt Logistic Company

Lines of Business _ RimeWellness High-End Service for the Elders

  • Happiness
  • Good
  • ICT

10 Factors of

  • Physical
  • Medical
  • Society
  • Intelligence
  • Job
  • Mental
  • Environment
  • Spiritual
  • Economy
  • Emotion
  • Creating Wellness Service to improve happiness
  • Solution for building Wellness ICT
  • Discovering Functional and Happy Contents
  • Expressing the changes of happiness
  • Suitable Happy Platform to respond against structural changes of life
  • Happy Monitoring and Happy Curator Service

Where to Adopt Smart Medical City / Telemedicine / Silver Industry / Senior Care Center

Lines of Business _ Other Products

Smart City

Patent _ Patent & Authentication

  • R&D Center Certification Venture Business Certification Innovation Business(INNO-BIZ) certification WalkyTalky Comprising Smart Phone and Docking Cradle System and Method of Providing WalkyTalky-Service using Docking Cradle and Smart Phone Trademark rights of RIME TALK in Japan R&D Center Certification Venture Business Certification
  • Innovation Business(INNO-BIZ) certification WalkyTalky Comprising Smart Phone and Docking Cradle System and Method of Providing WalkyTalky-Service using Docking Cradle and Smart Phone Trademark rights of RIME TALK in Japan SMR Certificate of Registation

Portfolio _ Solution Service

Products Category Outline Client
RimeTalk & RimeKit Push to Talk Solution
with High Decibel &
1D Barcode Handset.
App & HandSet Improving the communication with office and delivery KyungDong Express
WEB Improving the Vehicle arranging at terminal HapDong Corp.
App & HandSet Checking an unload task in Real time and Improving
the communication with warehouse and office
Korea Airport Service
RimeCar Fleet Management System&
Logistic Solution
WEB Vehicle Control using DTG GS Retail
RimeCar WEB Tracking/Management Solution for Vehicle KyungDong Express
RimeTrans WEB Efficient Distribution Solution KyungDong Express
SungWoo Socket Server ElexINC SungWoo Air
Kdbill Electronic Tax Statement WEB Issue and Management of Electronic Tax Statement KyungDong Express
Etaxbill WEB Issue and Management of Electronic Tax Statement HapDong Corp.
LTE Black Box Black Box in real time WEB LTE Black Box Sales KyungDong Express
Real-Time DLL Status Board Distribution APP Real-Time DLL Status Board LG U+
Vehicle Control WEB Delivery Vehicle Control KyungDong Express,
HapDong Corp.

Contact us

  • For General Enquiries
    Marketing & Sales Tel. +82-2-2164-9000 Fax. +82-2-2164-8853
  • RimeTalk® Enquiries
    Marketing & Sales Tel. +82-2-2164-9000 Fax. +82-2-2164-8853
  • For Technical Support
    Marketing & Sales Tel. +82-2-2164-9000 Fax. +82-2-2164-8853

#902, JPLATZ, 186, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 08502, Republic of Korea

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